We are looking for well made one offs, series and feature docs that make audiences laugh, cry, fall in love and learn something.

For brilliant, inventive, intelligent filmmaking with a strong handwriting and storytelling.

We are curious about voices from filmmakers and as subjects (BIPoC, womxn and other disenfranchised members of the global society), from an intersectional feminist perspective. And always about new stories as such.

Any project from anywhere can be submitted by a production company in any part of its process, in English.

We are independent and free in our decision. Sums to be invested can vary, as equity in projects with some moderate seed money or as gap financing.

For film projects, one offs, series, features or online stories, please fill out our submission form here.

For the 2023 First Hand Fund Diversity Call for €25’000, the following applies: the Award goes out in cash and in kind to projects, companies or collectives. We look for well-made groundbreaking stories that disrupt and advance dialogue.
The Award can be given to a company, a collective or a workshop of any format. It is intersectional, diversity-oriented and particularly encourages submissions fromunderrepresented and discriminated people of all genders, sexual orientations, colors, physical and psychological abilities.

A film project can be in any stage and requires at least a brief pitch deck including a comprehensive track record, budget and financing plan, and relevant visuals. Any other project requires an abstract of a business plan including numbers and thoughts on outreach, impact and audience for assessment. 

The deadline is the 31st of July. You can use the submission form on this website or e-mail us at